Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Need Some Help With Dinner?

          Need Some Help With Dinner?  With today’s busy, hectic and over booked work days, dinner becomes the nightly casualty – in both quantity and quality of the nightly meal.  After a long hard day of work and/or play, one of the last things you want to do when you get home is spend another hour or more preparing the family’s dinner...from scratch.  Then, if you’re lucky, you might sit down for dinner around 8 or 9 o’clock at night.  Well, I know I’ve found the perfect solution for this all consuming chore...

          It is ... DREAM DINNERS

          Let me fill you in...

          Right around the beginning of June I was having a difficult time getting to sleep and then staying asleep once I finally got to sleep.  The cure for this was nightly channel surfing, where I watched an infomercial that interested me very much.  This infomercial was for Dream Dinners (“DD”) and I was immediately hooked.  I was thinking how much my family would love me (like, unconditionally...) if we were to actually have nightly sit-down meals.  So the next morning I was on the computer signing up for my $75 trial session.

          As their literature states, Dream Dinners is where quick and healthy meals become a reality.  They are not one of those expensive, frozen, pre-packaged mail-order food delivery services.  In fact, the great thing with DD is that you, yourself, will prepare your dinner choices.  In fact, their monthly menu includes more than 14 different recipes each month, as well as some additional pre-assembled dinners, sides, breads and desserts that can be purchased during your session to accompany your dinners.  These are the meals that I chose to prepare for my family from the June Menu.  Each meal we prepared has only three portions (there are only three of us left at home) but you can purchase these meals in a larger six portion meal:

          1.     Crispy Parsley Shrimp over Polenta

          2.     Pesto Primavera Stuffed French Bread

          3.     Savory Grilled Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Fries

          4.     Sweet Chipotle Chicken over Egg Noodles

          5.     Mango Glazed Salmon

          6.     Sonoma Grill Steaks

          7.      Two Build Your Own Calzones

          After doing some basic math calculations, my husband and I figured out that the $75 we paid for these meals, turns out to actually be about the same amount of money we would normally spend on a week’s worth of groceries.  And, believe me, the groceries that we would purchase wouldn’t even be in the same league.  The would mostly consist of pre-packaged convenience foods.


          Please tune in for part 2 of my Dream Dinners experience ... You will not be disappointed.


          P.S.:     I am not being compensated for my opinions about Dream Dinners.  I just want to share my excitement about these meals with all my friends...